About Us

Mach 7 Aero is a Colorado Front Range aerospace business. Mach 7 Aero Services can be based at KFNL, KBJC, KCFO, KGXY, KCOS, or your location!

Mach 7 Aero is a veteran owned company started by a husband and wife team who truly love aviation. Matt or “Cube” is a retired Naval aviator, test pilot, and current airline Captain, and Tara is the delinquent who wants to spend all their money on airplanes. Together, the airplane crazed duo want to bring their passion for aviation and aviation safety to as many people as they can reach.

The M7 Aero team is comprised of Marine and Navy test pilots (FA-18 legacy, FA-18 Super hornet, and F-35 pilots) and flight test engineers who attended one of the Test Pilot Schools. The M7 Aero team has the professional background to help you reach your aviation goals or aerospace company needs.

Mach 7 Aero can conduct flight operations at your location assuming proper runway lengths and services for jet operations. Please contact us for more specifics and estimates for onsite training.

Dave Devore/GDevore Photos.