Our Services

Flight tests

Flight test services include flight test chase, small sensor pod flight captive carry, and more. The core group associated with Mach 7 Aero are all flight test professionals. From the FA-18 to the F-35, we have the knowledge, experience, and training to help you with your flight test needs.

Airshow displays

If you are looking for static displays or a fly by presentation, please contact us to discuss details.

Dynamic flight training with UPRT

Our dynamic flight training course allows you to maneuver the airplane in a manner that is not standard or "normal" in everyday general or commercial aviation. The premise is to allow you to understand and feel the aerodynamic forces of the aircraft and put you in an environment that may be physiologically challenging (g forces, inverted flight). The objective is to help you become a safer pilot through the development of a more enhanced situational awareness environment as a result of the dynamic maneuvering and associated upset maneuvers.

Flight Training

Mach 7 Aero offers a unique introduction to a fast jet piloting course. If you are a new pilot interested in expanding your experience bucket or a more experienced pilot who has never experienced fast jet piloting, our course will introduce you to the aerodynamics, systems, and flight envelope, providing you with a holistic perspective of a different part of aviation.

Our aircraft is a L-39C. A versatile, reliable and safe jet aircraft made by AeroVodochody in the Czech republic. More about the aircraft here! Mach7Aero L-39C can carry 100 gallons more than the standard L-39, making it a good platform for training and flight test support.
Please contact us for more information about our flight training programs.

* Photos by Dave Devore/GDevore Photos.